Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

However, cost-efficient redundancy is difficult to achieve for combinational logic, which is therefore one of the primary contributors to the system level errors. However, the existing techniques are all based on deterministic and defect-free Boolean abstraction. This Boolean abstraction breaks down as process variations, environmental upsets, and reliability failures become more and more pronounced in emerging applications and technologies, and it becomes increasingly clear that the limiting physical properties of the devices must be reflected in higher level abstractions in order to conduct useful synthesis. Thus, we propose to first characterize devices with respect to these physical parameters, producing quantitative abstractions e.

Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

Once the design meets those goals, the efforts focus on improving performance. Optimization of a FPGA design requires a multi-dimensional approach that meets the design goals while reducing area, critical path delay, power consumption, and runtime.

By implementing the advisor's suggestions, you can reduce the time spent on design iterations. The delays encompass all valid combinations of operating conditions for the target FPGA.

Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

Additionally, the device size and package determine pin-out and the resource availability. This strategy helps to minimize changes to the design at a later stage. Related Information Migration Devices Dialog Box Required Settings for Initial Compilation Compilation results can vary significantly depending on the assignments and settings that you choose.

If the PCB layout does not indicate pin locations, then leave the pin locations unconstrained.

Retiming and resynthesis a complexity perspective

This technique allows the Compiler to search for the best layout. Otherwise, make pin assignments to constrain the compilation appropriately. Applying more demanding timing requirements than the design needs can cause the Compiler to trade off by increasing resource usage, power utilization, or compilation time.

Comprehensive timing requirement settings achieve the best results for the following reasons: Correct timing assignments enable the software to work hardest to optimize the performance of the timing-critical parts of the design and make trade-offs for performance.

This optimization can also save area or power utilization in non-critical parts of the design.

Manipulation and Resynthesis with Natural Grains

The Compilation Report shows whether the design meets the timing requirements, while the timing analysis reporting commands provide detailed information about the timing paths.In order toremove sequentially redundant faults these faults are converted intocombinationally redundant faults by using retiming techniques and thecombinationally redundant faults can be removed by using a testpattern generation method for combinational circuits.

Structural transformation-based obfuscation is an approach to avoid the manipulation of the state transition graph of design, thus avoiding the state explosion problem. An obfuscation is called best-possible if the obfuscated design leaks no more information than any other design of the same.

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The complexity growth of digital designs poses increasing challenges to the functional veri- Resynthesis examples: (a) the gates in the rectangle are resynthesized correctly, and While retiming may change the clock cycle at which a signature is. INTRODUCTION 3 where both Delay and Power are functions of the gate sizes, w E R n (where n is the number of gate sizes), Tspec and Aspec are, respectively, the constraints on the circuit delay and area, and Minsize is the minimum gate size allowed by the technology.

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