Sensing vs intuition myers briggs

If the models are correct, then the majority of people will lean heavily towards one or the other of these personality characteristics. They provide either an S for sensing or N for intuition in the 4-character abbreviations for each Myers-Briggs personality type. What makes you a sensor versus an intuitive? S Is For Sensing Those with personalities dominated by the sensing approach are known as sensors.

Sensing vs intuition myers briggs

Perception is the lens you use to take in information. Carl Jung identified two types of perception, sensing and intuition.


To illustrate these differences to college students during a workshop, I used this classic photo of dogs playing poker. I asked the students to study the picture for a minute, then write down what they saw in this picture.

The results were amusing, informative, and an effective way to illustrate the differences in preference. When an individual has a preference for sensing, they tend to look at the facts and use the 5 senses to gather information.

Perceptions tend to be in the moment and a reflection of what is or was present at the time of the observation. Here are some examples: One student had an astounding recollection of the factual details of this photo. The table was green velvet and the walls were bluish grey.

There was a painting on the wall with a yellowish frame. One dog was handing another dog a card under the table.

Sensing vs intuition myers briggs

The dominant function for an ISTJ is introverted sensing. This type has a real strength in noticing and storing factual details. It may be details that they have observed or it may be something they have come across in their reading.

All sensing types tend to be naturally adept at noting and working with details. The individual who prefers intituion, on the other hand, will tend to riff off of what is present into a very different type of description: One of them is cheating. Maybe they are going to share the winnings after the game.

I wonder if their wives approve of them gambling and staying out all night?

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Do they do this every Saturday night and leave them at home? This dominant function for this personality type is extraverted intuition.

Sensing vs intuition myers briggs

This type has a strength for seeing patterns, brainstorming, and imagining possibilities. All types that share a preference for intuition tend to be naturally adept at weaving connections together or seeing information in a new way. So which type is better?


The answer is both. In certain situations, the sensing types will perform better, on the whole, and in other situations the intuitives will shine. A good example of this is my mother and I. Her type is ESFJ so she prefers sensing.Within this test lies two basic psychological preferences called sensing vs intuition.

This governs a basic operation you use from day to day to navigate and solve problems. It also affects creativity and moods.

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Below you will find the traits of the personality types from Myers-Briggs that rely on the intuitive thinking. Open-minded. I must now put my foot in my mouth. Once upon a time, I rather publicly said a big fat “NO” to the idea of personality-typing, particularly when it came to using Myers-Briggs for characters.

Myer's-Briggs is not a personality test, it is a preference indicator. It helps to explain behavior - why do people do the things they do or why do people make the choices/preferences they make. Sensing. Sensing doesn’t work with the imagination, quite the contrary.

This preference focuses on what can be detected through the five you can see, . The second pair of psychological preferences is Sensing and Intuition. Do you pay more attention to information that comes in through your five senses (Sensing), or do you pay more attention to the patterns and possibilities that you see in the information you receive (Intuition)?

Myers-Briggs Relationships with The Two Opposite Sensing and Intuition Personality Types Couples made up of one who is assessed as an MBTI Sensing Type and one that is assessed as an MBTI Intuitive Type are more common than one may think, as the two ends of the spectrum are often allured by the differences of their opposite.

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