The summer of my 15th birthday

I remember at the time being highly disappointed with the June 10 release date, worried that it would consign my record to a mere drip of an entry splash.

The summer of my 15th birthday


By renee leigh [1 Post] 1 found this helpful June 15, My girlfriend is turning 15 and I am planning a surprise party for her, but I don't know what to do. I'm really bad at planning parties. I need fun but inexpensive ideas for her party.

The summer of my 15th birthday

I really want her to have a great birthday. Answers June 18, found this helpful Best Answer Awww Ad I don't know how shy she is but here are a few idea's. I'd definitely make a big poster board with the title: If you can get some pics of her as a little child get the CUTEST ones so she isn't embarrassed you can also post them around the room or on the table or make a sign that says Happy Birthday- You must have been a beautiful baby.

You can make a little quiz of questions and print multiple copies of it and play a little game with attendees.

The game would have a number of questions about your birthday girl and you'd ask them to answer them. What color eyes do I have? Then every one stands up while you read off the first question.

Whoever gets the correct answer stays up and the incorrect sits down. Of course, her favorite music and possibly a lip sinc contest, a bunch of cheap watercolor trays and better watercolor paper for an artistic portrait paintingInformation about the book, The Summer of my Fifteenth Year: the Fiction, Paperback, by Geri Spencer Hunter (Blue Nile Press, Jun 05, ).

Planning a 15th birthday party?Make it spectacular with these fun, creative, and cool 15th birthday party ideas for girls and boys.

The summer of my 15th birthday

Whether you’re planning an elaborate Quinceañera or a casual gathering with friends, you’ll find inspiring ideas here that will make your landmark birthday unforgettable. On my 16th birthday the FBI came to my house to arrest me for having a 50 watt pirate radio station in my basement..

My father talked em out of it.. The summer of my 15th birthday the captain of the local police wanted to arrest me for flying UFO's and scaring the shit outta brooklyn.

This summer was the best summer ever, because it was my 15th birthday.

Was your sixteenth birthday everything you wanted it to be?

I celebrated on a cruise with 3 of my friends. When I got to the airplane I was very excited. In , the summer before my 15th birthday, I fell in love.

It was my first intense erotic love, and its object was the photography counselor at camp—a lean, bearded, blue-eyed guy I’ll call Jake.

My 15th birthday is coming up (female) and I don't know what to do. My house is too small to have a party with all my friends (boys and girls) and my parents don't want to spend a lot of money. Help!

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